Frequently Asked Questions

Our club

Questions you may have about our wrestling club.

Do you have any information about skin infections?

We take skin infections seriously.  Please follow good personal hygiene practices,

1) Have all game and practice gear laundered daily.

2) Shower with antimicrobial soap immediately after practices and tournaments.  Regardless of how tired your wrestler may be.

3) Avoid sharing towles, athletic equipment, water bottles.

4) Avoid entering common whirlpools or tubs if skin lesions are present.

Perform a daily full-body skin check and report any suspicious lesions as soon as it appears!

Skin Infections in Sport

I am new to wrestling and know nothing about it, help me!

Folkstyle wrestling is the form of wrestling practiced mostly in American high schools and colleges. It is also known as collegiate wrestling. The object of folkstyle wrestling is to pin your opponent. Failing this, you want to get as many points as possible.

Folkstyle Wrestling Rules Explained

What are the signs and symptoms of a concussion?

We take concussions seriously.   Wrestlers will be not be allowed to continue to participate if we believe a wrestler shows symptoms or signs of a concussion.

Parent Guide to Concussion in Sports

What to expect at a wrestling tournament.

Remember to bring:

Wrestling shoes

Singlet – If you do not have a singlet please let me know. Your child can wear a t-shirt and shorts (no pockets, zippers or snaps) if needed.

Headgear if you choose (not mandatory for our club)

Water bottle and snacks (there will be a concession stand open)

It is a good idea to have your USA card easily accessible (either physical copy or ability to show it on a smart phone)


There will be an admission table as soon as you walk into the school

Typical costs for tournament admission:

Wrestler - free, paid with registration

Adults, typically $5

Studients, typically $5

Kids, 5 and under are usually free

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your child’s age group!


Brackets will be posted along the walls in the hallway usually close to the gym. If you don’t see any signs pointing you to where the brackets are posted, please ask the admissions table.

Most tournaments will match kids by age or grade first then by weight.

Look for your child’s age group and weight class, then look for their name within the bracket. Below is an example of what a bracket looks like.

It is best to take a picture or write down your child’s match number so that you can keep track of when they are to wrestle next.


Prior to each age group, there is usually a warm-up period on the mats. Look for other Jr. Titan wrestlers and/or coaches.


Always be aware of your child’s mat and match number. There will be an electronic sign at each mat showing the mat number, match number, period and a timer clock.

There are times that one weight class (in the same age group) will finish before another.  To speed up the tournament, referees will move wrestlers to another match to get the age group finished.  Listen for announcements to be made.

Bring your child to the mat table at least one, if not two, matches before it’s time for their match.  There may not yet be a coach at the table but there will be one by the time your child wrestles.

While they are at the table, the table worker will have them wrap a green or red band around one of their ankles.

When your child’s match starts, it is okay to crouch or sit along the side of the mat.  You must stay away from the coaches, referees and head table while the match is in progress.  Be respectful of other crowd members who may be sitting in the stands behind you.

After your child has wrestled all of their matches, you can lead them back to the stands.  From there they can get dressed and you are free to leave (after you stop at the awards table!).


Once everyone in your child’s bracket has wrestled, please make your way to the awards table to pick up your medal or trophy (depending on the tournament and where your child places).

When does the season start?

We have two types of wrestlers in our program, novice and Open/advanced.  Our “OPEN/advanced” wrestlers start in Mid- November of each year.   Our “novice” wrestlers generally start later in November..