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Novice/Beginner Team Information

  • Season Cost:
    • Registration - $110
    • Singlet Deposit - $100 for first child; $75 for each additional child (deposit must be in the form of a check and will be given back to you upon return of the singlet at the end of the season)
    • Weekly Tournaments - approx $20/per tournament 
  • Age 4 to 14
    • If you are an 'older' child, we may move you up to the Open group based on weight/size for practice partners. This is sole discretion of our coaches. You will still wrestle in tournaments as Novice if you have less than 2 years experience. 
  • For wrestlers with less than 2 years’ experience in the sport
  • Broken into two groups:
    • Age 6 and under
    • Age 7 and up
  • Practice is held at Papillion Middle School. Two nights a week for one hour.
    • Due to the cafeteria space that is used for our practice, there are times that the space is unavailable, and we adjust our practice schedule. Please listen for announcements at practice and check the calendar on our website.
  • Novice wrestlers may be asked to join the Open/Competitive team based on performance criteria and coach recommendation.

Notice for Novice Parents

Due to the open nature of the space used at the Middle School for practice, any parent who is a disruption to wrestlers or coaches during practice will be asked to move away from the practice area. We ask that you stay seated behind the half-wall in the cafeteria area. If you bring a child with you to practice, please ensure their quiet behavior so that wrestlers and coaches are not distracted. 

Parents are not allowed on the mats during tournaments unless it is to take a picture or video tape. If you are on the mat to take photos or videos, please be respectful of the coaches’ space while the match is happening. As the wrestler’s Mom and Dad, they will listen and look to you before us (coaches). You have us coach them all week long at practice; let us coach them at the tournaments. Parents will be warned about being on the mats and asked to return to the stands twice in a season. If the issue arises again, disciplinary action can/will include your child not wrestling in the next tournament(s).

Meet the novice coaches

Justin Becklun

Novice Head Coach